ACL Surgery In Singapore: An Orthopaedic Surgeon’s Guide

ACL Surgery is an operation to reconstruct a ligament in the knee, commonly affecting athletes in Singapore. When an ACL injury occurs, patients usually need surgery for their affected leg as soon as possible to prevent any permanent damage from occurring.

In Singapore, many orthopaedic specialists offer this type of procedure and may recommend another treatment option if they feel it is appropriate for your case or situation.

To learn more about ACL Surgery in Singapore, and the options available, you will need to speak to a knee specialist.

How Long is recovery for ACL Surgery

Recovery for ACL surgery depends on the severity of the injury and how soon treatment is received. ACL injuries are graded from one to three, with one being minimal damage while a three involves rupturing the ligament entirely.

This type of surgery will usually require six weeks in order for it to be completed successfully without complications or setbacks. After this period, patients can resume their normal activities and return home as they feel comfortable but should still avoid any high impact sports that involve twisting movements such as football or basketball until they have fully recovered from their procedure, says Dr Ong Kee Leong, an orthopaedic specialist in Singapore.

Each patient recovers at their own pace so there is no set time frame on how long recovery may take before returning back to work post-operation however most people would not need more than four months after undergoing an ACL surgery.

What To Expect After ACL Surgery

After the surgery is completed, the patient will be advised to use crutches for about three weeks. It is recommended that they do not move their knee past a 45-degree angle or put weight on it at all until this time has elapsed.

After these two months, most people would find that they are able to walk relatively normal again if they have had an ACL surgery and should no longer need any support from crutches although some may still feel some pain in certain activities such as climbing stairs which can usually be treated with simple exercises like using a wobble board or taking anti-inflammatory medication.

Typically patients who undergo joint arthroscopy operations of the shoulder come out of hospital after one night but those undergoing more complex procedures may require longer hospitalizations.

Outlook For ACL Surgery

Generally speaking, the outlook for patients who have had ACL surgery is excellent. The procedure generally has a high success rate with few complications and many people end up returning to their previous level of function after having this operation.

A person can expect to be on crutches or in a cast for about six weeks because it takes that long for the swelling to go down around the knee joint.

Do I need surgery for my acl tear

To decide if you really need surgery for your ACL tear, it is important to understand the difference between a partial and complete injury. If you have experienced an incomplete tear or torn meniscus in addition to the rupture of the ligament then surgery may be necessary.

In cases where surgical intervention is needed however, there are a number of options for surgeons depending on how much they need to repair.

The person can expect immediate relief from their pain following this operation but healing will take up to six months before they return back fully healed and ready for activity again, according to singapore knee surgeon Dr K T Wong.

If you have any other questions about recovery time after having ACL reconstruction surgery please feel free to leave them below!

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